Monday, November 28, 2005

WildViolets, Toasted-Cheese, Sleep Magazine

Several websites have recently published fiction that I've written. Sleep Magazine posted my short story, "The Exact Black of Night," back in October. You can find it in their archives near the bottom of the page. I am tickled pink that a London-based, avant garde team of crazy wonderful supporters of new writing would choose my story about a desolate, American male, lost and lonely in his neighborhood video rental shop. has also published excerpts of journal entries by Cecil Miller from my first novel, The Electric Pool: Beyond the Will of God. If you were around in the Sixties and Seventies, then you know that there was magic and philosophy in the air. "The Significance of Music" addresses that magic and philosophy. Let me know your thoughts. I'm editing The Electric Pool again and want to re-submit to agents and small presses in early 2006.

Finally, back last summer the well-regarded magazine,, published my little short piece, "Guda and His Son," a story about a Pakistani father and his American-born son, Carter, one early summer morning a few years ago working together at the gas station they own. There's a nice little payoff for the reader, so check it out.

Let me know what you think of my work. Send agents and publishers to my stories. I am going to die an unhappy, possibly early, death if I don't get to the point where I'm earning my living writing full-time.

More power to you. Read books! Take the time to pay attention to short stories. Eat lots of fiber. Grow your own thoughts. Life is for the creative and thoughtful. Go watch a Little League baseball game this spring!


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PLS said...

Well, db, what can I say? I am a totally avid and supportive fan of yours and enjoy reading every single thing you write. For those who haven't checked out David's fiction, do so immediately cuz you're in for a real treat. Thought provoking, emotional, and always surprising, Biddle comes through for the reader every time. This wondrous world of ours inhales and exhales just for us artists, but especially for writers like David Biddle.