Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What is Going to Be Our Future?

"Confronted with a choice between saying no and saying yes, Americans are going to say yes -- and in the process, show themselves and the world that America is still a place capable of reinventing itself."

Gary Kamiya. March 13, 2008
"Poetry vs. Fear"

Photos above are taken from a Daily Kos entry in early March charging that the Clinton campaign doctored a photo of Obama to make him appear darker.

Out of Admiration

"In fact, I would venture to predict that the number of Americans who will vote for Obama because he's black -- out of admiration for his achievements and character, to prove to themselves they're not prejudiced, to prove to the world that America is not prejudiced, to effect a historic change -- will be greater than the number of Americans who will vote against him for the same reason."

Gary Kamiya, Salon, May 13, 2008, "Poetry vs. Fear"

If you think he's going down, you're UnAmerican.