Thursday, September 13, 2012

Implosions of America: A Sample Short Story

Read "Stripers" from Implosions in America
The story "CHOICES" was posted here from September 14 - 17. It is from the collection Implosions of America: Lessons in Love, Loss, and Confusion. You can read the first third of it at the Work in Progress page on my main website,

"Choices" is one of several stories in the collection, Implosions of America, that addresses love, romance, and marriage in a non-genre fashion. Romance novels are usually about how people fall in love. But they should also be about how people stay in love, and how they lose that love, how sad they become, but also how much they want love to work. Is there anything more important in life than keeping love going? And what is it that lets some of us continue to love even after our partnerships break down and our hearts break apart?

There's a lot more to Implosions of America than mature love. Stay tuned. You will be able to buy the book in digital or paper form soon enough.


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