Sunday, February 03, 2013

Watching Colin Kaepernick Will Be Special

Kaepernick with his parents.
It's a small thing to most people, but for those of us mixed-race adopted folks, tonight will be special. Colin Kaepernick is playing in the Super Bowl. 

I've written about what it feels like to grow up mixed-race and to be adopted. You'll find lots of posts here at The Formality of Occurrence. There is a sense of being completely alone in the world and wanting recognition that lies under even the deepest love and support from your family.

Tonight, Colin represents all of us. When he's older and he has his own kids, he'll think back to what he did tonight and understand that little tiny thing that was in his mind trying to be acknowledged. You feel oddly disconnected to the world when you stand on a stage. But you also know quite well how to connect and express your love of life because that's what gets those of us who are adopted and hard-to-define through life. It's also what makes us special. Everyone's special, of course, but that's our special.

I am spurred to write this because I just saw Colin interviewed on the pre-game show. That very real and true sense of being lucky and being blessed by ones adoption is the greatest and most cherished feeling all of us like him can feel. His success in life comes from great parenting and great older siblings. Love is an amazing thing. 

Congratulations for getting this far, Bro. Hope you make it all the way...

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