Saturday, September 12, 2015

Moral Craft: Issues of Plot and Prejudice in Literature and Culture

Source: Electric Lit notes "from The Librarian by Giuseppe Arcimboldo"

This Electric Lit essay should be very interesting for anyone concerned with racism in literature. The true insight of Mr. Salesses's essay is the question of how racism seeps into a story (at least perceived) if the author did not intend it.

The issue kicked up a lot of thoughts for me. Here's my full comment in the Comments section of the essay:

Such a fabulous and provocative essay. So are the comments! This is one of those times where the comments are as supremely valuable as the original work. Honestly, all of you, I'm printing out this whole dang set of opinions for my file folder on "Trying to Understand Racism

Can't help putting my two-cents worth in here. I want to point out that each of us in our daily lives

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Loving Day on My TV? And Who's a European American?

Author Matt Johnson and his book cover floating next to him
You will find a lot of articles online that came out in the summer of 2014 claiming that Asian Americans are the fastest growing minority group in America. They apparently had a growth rate of 2.9% from 2000 to 2010, overtaking Hispanic Americans who only had a rate of 2.1%. 

Let's get this straight: In actuality, the fastest growing "minority group" in America is people who identify as mixed race. Results from the 2010 US Census show citizens who identify as "two or more races" had a 32% increase in numbers from the 2000 US Census. Read about it at HuffPost in "Multiracial American Population Grew Faster Than Single-Race Segment In 2010 Census."

So, 2.9% versus 32%. Who wins? Hell yeah, Mulatto Nation! We rock! And the media, once again, is full of shit.

Of course, us hybrids only represent 2% of the U.S. population. Asian Americans sit at 5.6%, while Hispanics represent 17.1% of the puzzle pie. 

So, um, right, Mulatto Nation has a ways to go. That's fine. We've got time. Mixed race procreation is a socio-mathematical inevitability.

Don't wrorry, it is not lost on me that the so-called "majority," the "White Alones" (yup, that's the official U.S. Census category), represents 63.7% of this blessed nation. That was 196,817,552 citizens in 2010 (now in excess of 200 million, for sure, here halfway through this second century of the New Millennium). If you understand my socio-mathematical reference, though, you know that the majority, so to speak, is sowing the seeds of it's own flowering possibilities. 

I offer this data in light of Mat Johnson's recently published novel Loving Day, and news just this week

Friday, April 17, 2015

From The American Reader: The Return of “The Curses..." by TONY TULATHIMUTTE

The Return of “The Curses, the Fates, the Races, the Fakes, the Faces, the Names of 'The Game of Death'; or, The Game of Death” | The American Reader

An essay by Tony Tulathimutte

Wow. This is one wild ride of an essay. It's as much about the the mind tricks that shake you down as a writer as it is about the aesthetic expression of racial identity. It's a big think piece that requires careful attention and a good amount of pausing and pondering. But it's well worth the price of admission.

For those who need short and simple, don't go here. This is for the Big Kids who want to swim in the deep end.